Update and general tidbits

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I've finally taken the time to move my website over from Wordpress to a more fitting domain! For those who weren't aware, since the beginning of my undergraduate career (about 5 years ago, as I'm writing this) I posted to a website I made using Wordpress. At the time, I thought doing so would help motivate me to undertake more interesting projects and develop my communication skills as an aspiring biomathematician. What ended up happening was that I focused less on the blog side of things and emphasized the rate at which I churned out posts about my personal projects. Because of the amount of time it took to do this, and what little time I had between all of my responsibilities, the quality of the posts were... lackluster.

Entering graduate school, I thought I'd take another shot at it, but on a different platform. I had grown to dislike Wordpress, with their ads, funky formatting, limited versatility (for the free package), and lack of support for more interesting features, such as embedding Shiny apps in posts. A friend of mine who is also a graduate student suggested I check out this repository on Github which helps people make a professional looking website using Github Pages. If you're reading this you probably already know that I took his advice, and I was soon very glad I did. Indeed, the transition was a bit rough. Many hours of trial and error were spent trying to get a taste of the behind the scenes workings of HTML until I finally had a (mostly) working website. As practice, I brought a few posts over from my old website, with a few changes. I don't want this website to become a burden, but more of an outlet for interesting things I may come across in my research, and whatever other miscellaneous blurbs I feel the need to communicate to a wider audience. That being said, welcome to my new website!